Adi Moscovich Offering Babysitting Services

Adi Moscovich, 18, is looking for babysitting opportunities to help with university costs. Adi has a great deal of experience babysitting and helps out with kid’s church on Sundays too. Adi is looking for around £7 an hour however costs can be negotiated if needed. To contact Adi please feel free to email her at

Volunteers for Cheltenham Minster

Cheltenham Minster are asking for volunteers to assist in welcoming guests. Volunteers are required to serve for only 2 hours (in pairs) every month. The poster is attached…

Singers Needed for Christian musical ‘Rock’

A message from the organisers: I am aiming to recruit from across churches in Cheltenham for a scratch choir event on February 29, 2020. We will be singing songs from the Christian musical ‘Rock’ written by Roger Jones of Christian Music Ministries. A team from CMM will coach the choir through the day for a public performance in the evening. … Read More